Baughan, Raymond John

Undiscovered Country

Begbie, Harold

Other Sheep - A Missionary Companion to "Twice Born Men"

Berry, R.L.

The Holy Spirit

Blaikie, Rev. William G.

Bible History

Bolitho, Axchie A.

At Work for a Christian World

Brooks, Phillips

Daily Thoughts

Brooks, Phillips

Lectures on Preaching

Brown, C.E.

Christian Science Unmasked

Brown, C.E.

The Church Beyond Division

Butterworth, John

Supplement to the Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible

Byrum, Bessie L.

The Secret of Salvation - How To Get It and How To Keep It

Byrum, Bessie L.

True Stories of Young Christians

Byrum, E.E.

Ordinances of the Bible

Byrum, E.E.

The Man of Galilee

Byrum, E.E.

The Ordinance of the Bible

Byrum, E.E.

The Secret of Prayer

Byrum, Isabel C.

Beautiful Stories from the Good Old Book

Byrum, Russell R.

Holy Spirit Baptism and the Second Cleansing

Byrum, Russell R.

Problems of the Local Church

Danielson, Frances Weld

Lessons for Teachers of Beginners (Lower Shelf)

Delong, Russell V.

All Out For Souls

Edwards, Johnathan

Religious Affections in Three Parts

Egermeier, Elsie E.

Bible Story Book

Egermeier, Elsie E.

Boys Stories of Great Men

Everest, Quinton J.

The Sermon on the Mount

Fallows,  Rev Samuel

The Popular and Critical Bible Encyclopedia Volume 1 and 2

Forrest, A. Leland

Personal Evangelism In Your Church

Fosdick, Harry Emerson

Living Under Tension - Sermons on Christianity Today

Foster, Charles

The Bible Pictures and What They Mean

Fowle, James L.

Planned Services for Church Groups

Garrett, Willis O.

Church Ushering Manual

Gordon, S.D.

Quiet Talks on Power

Gray, Albert F.

Christian Theology Volume 1 & 2 (Lower Shelf)

Grey, Ellen

The Power of Conscience

Hall, Arlene S.

Teaching Children in Your Church

Hartshorne, Hugh

Manual for Training in Worship

Hendrickson, Ford

Martyrs and Witnesses

Holdcraft, Paul E.

Snappy Sermon Starters

Hopkins, F.W.

After This Manner Pray Ye

Iyall, Leslie T.

Come Wind,, Come Weather

Joiner, Verner Jones

From Papa and Me - Horse and Buggy Ministry

Kardatzke, Carl

The Home Christian

Kempin, Albert J

Why the Millennial Doctrine is Not Biblical

Kempis, Thomas A

Of The Imitation of Christ

Lamoreaux, Antoinette A.

The Pupils in the Church School

Lamott, Willis

Committeed Unto Us

Lawson, James Gilchrsit

Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians

Lindquist, G.E.E.

The Indian in American Life

Locke, Charles Edward

The Eternal Masculine

Ludwig, Charles

At The Cross


Longfellow's Poems

Luther, Martin

Luther's Smaller Catechism

Macartney, Clarence Edward

McCartneys Illustrations

McLester, Frances Cole

Our Pupils and How They Learn  (Original and Revised Edition)

McLoughlin, Emmett

Peoples Padre

MacLennan, David A.

Joyous Adventure - Sermons for the Christian (Lower Shelf)

Martin, Earl L.

The Wondrous Cross (Lower Shelf)

Martin, Earl L.

Toward Understanding God

Morrison, John A

As The River Flows

Moody, D.L.

Great Pulpit Masters Volumes 1 and 2 Spurgeon

Naylor, C.W.

Christian Unity

Naylor, C.W.

God's Will and How to Know it

Oates, Wayne E.

Where to Go for Help

Orr, C.E.

How To Live A Holy Life

Peale, Norman Vincent

The Art of Real Happiness

Phillips, Harold L.

Knowing the Living God

Roark, Warren C.

The Church

Robinson, Bud

Bees in Clover


How To Live 365 Days A Year

Scott, Rev. Thomas

Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible - Acts - Revelation (Lower Shelf)

Scott,  Rev. Thomas

Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible - Matt - John (Lower Shelf)

Smith, F.G.

Origin and the Growth and Distinctive Doctrine of the COG Reformation Movement (Lower Shelf)

Smith, F.G.

Prophetic Lectures on Daniel and Revelation

Smith, F.G.

The Quest for Holiness and Unity

Smith, F.G.

The Revelation Explained (Lower Shelf)

Smith, F.G.

What the Bible Teaches

Spangenberg, Leonard

Minding Your Church Business

Stalker, James

The Works of Flavious Josephus

Stebbing, Rev. H.

You Have a Minisitry

Sterner, R. Eugene

Heaven the Coming City of Gold

Stuernagel, Albert Emanuel

How To Pray

Teasley, D.O.

Historical Geography of the Bible

Teasley, D.O.

The Double Cure or Redemeption Twofold

Teasley, D.O.

The Holy Spirit and Other Spirits

Torrey, R.A.

Religion Healing and Health

United Brethren in Christ

Origin Doctrine Constitution and Discipline of the United Brethren in Christ

United Presbyterian Church

A Book of Government and Worship

Van Buskirk, James Dale

Religion Healing and Health

Various Authors

Three Hundred Outline of Sermons

Various Authors

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer

 Walker, Rev. James B.

Have You Received the Holy Spirit Since You Believed

Warner, D.S.

Journal of D.S. Warner

Warner, D.S.

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Washington, Cecil M.

Have You Received the Holy Spirit Since You Believed

Washington, Cecil M.

The Truth About Speaking In Tongues

Washington, Cecil M.

The Truth About the Millenium

Washington, C.M.

What the Bible Teaches About Speaking in Tongues

Washington, C.M.

What the Bible Teaches About the Second Cleansing

Webb, Rev. Aquilla

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection

Wesley, John

Open Letter to Evangelicals

White, R.E.O.

Heart Reaching Object Lessons

Wiegle, Luther A.

The Pupil and the Teacher

Wilder, Elmer L.

Christ The Master of all Diseases

Wickersham, Henry C.

A History of the Church - From the Birth of Christ to the Present Time

Wiegle, Luther A.

The Pupil and the Teacher

Yerty, O.Y.

Christ The Master of all Diseases





Anderson College

Boosters Ten Years' Service and Fellowship at Anderson College

Berry, R. L.

Constructive Evangelism

Blanton, Smiley

Faith is the Answer

Byrum, E.E.

Riches of Grace - A Compilation of Experiences in the Christian Life

Calkins, Harvey Reeves

A Man and His Money

Heffren, H.C.

A Scriptural Explanation of Matthew 24

Heffren, H.C.

From the Commission on Christian Unity

Heffren, H.C.

The Glory of Israel

Heffren, H.C.

The Holy Spirit and The Charasmatic Movement

Heffren, H.C.

The Messiah in Zechariah

Heffren, H.C.

The Relationship Between Gods Law and Love

Heffren, H.C.

The Scripture Cannot Be Broken

Heffren, H.C.

Things Most Surely Believed

Heffren, H.C.

Thought on the Nature of God

Heffren, H.C.

Voices of the Pioneers

Heffren, H.C.

Who is the Anti Christ

Luther, Martin

Dr. Martin Luther's Smaller Catechism

McLester, Frances Cole

Teaching in the Church School

Moody, D.L.

Twelve Select Sermons

Nichols - Roy, Rev. J.J.M

Christian Unity

Riggle, H.M.

The Sabbath

Schell, Wm. G.

The Better Testament

Smith, F.G.

Santification and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Smith, F.G.

The Last Reformation

Warner, D.S.

The Sabbath or Which Day to Keep

Warner Univeristy

Warner Memorial University and Guidance to the Church of God (Anderson In.)

Washington, Cecil M.

Three Hundred Evangelistic Sermon Outlines

Wesley, John

Explanatory Notes of the New Testament