Our Faith

Orthodoxy Affirmed

As affirmed in statements such as " The Apostles Creed," the Church of God holds to the teachings of historical Christianity:

 - The Trinity
 - The Bible as God's written word, the revealing of truth for faith and practice.
 - The Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament
 - Salvation by faith in Jesus and His atoning death on the cross.
 - The gift of the Holy Spirit to those who receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.
-  The return of Jesus Christ at the end of the age.
-  Judgement and Eternal rewards, heaven and hell.

Orthodox Christians may hold varying opinions on secondary or peripheral doctrine. Within the Church of God there is no insistence that everyone conform their idea on minute points. Allowing people with honest hearts and minds to search the Scripture's leads with the Holy Spirit's help to an amazing unity.  Experience has shown that formation of the great historic creeds of the church served a purpose in identifying orthodoxy from heresy. Experience has also show that creed formation has emphasized divisions between Christians when it was not necessary.  For this reason, in the interest of unity, the Church of God Movement has shied away from the drafting of an official statement of beliefs. The Church of God Reformation Movement has preferred to confine itself to the divinely-inspired Bible, treating our own interpretation of it with humility and those of others who differ with charity. The Church of God is rooted in the Wesleyan-holiness tradition.

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